This Week In The Garage

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Episode 1

Welcome to This Week In the Garage Episode 1! This is the beginning of our weekly video series focusing on cars and other modes of transportation. We are passionate about vehicles and the people who love them so join us weekly for new episodes!

Episode 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of This Week In the Garage! Today we talk with our dear friend Kent Atwood about his love for all things Coca-Cola. Some might even consider him Coca-Cola Royalty!

Episode 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of This Week In the Garage! Today we talk with our friend Flight Instructor Chuck Cox out at SpanaFlight about his 1995 SeaRey experimental kit-built airplane. This plane can land on water or land!

Episode 4

Welcome to This Week In The Garage Episode 4! This week we had a visit from our friend Warren Holbrook and his 1942 Plymouth Coupe. Warren had this same make and model back in High School and has restored this one from a rust bucket and had it painted in his High School colors!

Episode 5

Welcome to This week In The Garage Episode 5! Today we take a look at our friends Odd & Inger's 2008 Newmar Grand Star Class A Motorhome. This is their second home on wheels and has all the comforts of a standard home. What a great way to see the country and feel like you never left home!

Episode 6

Welcome to This Week In The Garage Episode 6! Today we had a visit from our friends Andrew and Katie Brady and their Zero DS electric motorcycle! This thing is completely silent and is super fun to drive!

Episode 7

Welcome to This Week In the Garage Episode 7! Today we met up with our friend Bernie Hines and his 1935 Ford Tudor. Bernie's car came with all the paperwork from the original owners and he had taken notes on what new cars were selling for in 1935! How times have changed!

Episode 8

Welcome to #ThisWeekInTheGarage Episode 8! Today we got a visit from our friend Brian Cade and his 1968 Chevy C10. This truck was acutally a wedding gift from his wife Kimberlee Cade! What a lucky guy!
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Episode 9

Welcome to This Week In The Garage Episode 9! We had a visit from our friend and colleague Sean Werner and his Yamaha V Star motorcycle. This is an 1100 cc bike and weighs about 650 pounds. Sean loves to take it out on sunny days and vacation trips!

Episode 10

Welcome to Episode 10 of This Week In The Garage! Today we visit Tom's old stomping grounds in Edgewood, Washington. We stopped by the Hartle Family home to talk about their 1950 Chrysler 2-door Windsor. Grandpa Hartle actually watched this car being built and after 3.5 days he was able to drive it home! We love the history of this car and its family!

Episode 11

Welcome to This Week In The Garage Episode 11! Today we visit our friends Odd and Inger Friis on thier ranch in Eatonville, Washington. We recently helped them purchase this beautiful home that sits on 10 acres! With all that land comes quite a bit of maintenence so they purchased a New Holland 3 Cylinder Diesel Tractor. Not only does it make some chores easier, but it looks like Odd has quite a fun time using it!