Rates are in the 3’s!

Have you heard?  Rates are at an all-time low again, this time in the 3's!  Attached is a chart that provides evidence of current historic rates. For buyers, this means you can buy a little more house or it may mean that you can save a few dollars if you stay at your chosen shopping price.  But don't delay – inventory continues to shrink and sales volume is rising.  The good news for sellers is that this means you can "dig your heels in" a bit and hold to your asking price (provided it's in the range of where you will appraise).  But negotiate wisely, as appraisal value doesn't always match market value.  Let the negotiating fun begin!


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April Trendgraphix Stats are out!

I have been surprised and delighted to receive comments from readers thanking me for sharing statistics in a reader-friendly manner, plus requesting that I keep the updates coming.  OK, so here are Trendgraphix April stats for Puyallup:  for short sales, there are 127 active short sales, 24 pending shorts and only 9 closed sales in April.  This is a measurable decrease in all short sales categories, particularly the closed transactions.  Not sure why, but I will be investigating.  Bank-owned stats stayed pretty similar, i.e. foreclosed properties are selling quickly! April shows more traditional sale homes listed – very typical for this time of year – and fewer pendings than the previous month, fewer closed sales for traditional sale properties.  I found that surprising, since the market remains busy and I, on a personal note, have closed mostly traditional sales (versus shorts or bank-owned sales) this past month.




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Congrats to the Lady Jags! – 7th in State!

Big high-five to the Lady Jags water polo team at Emerald Ridge High School.  They placed seventh in state this past week.  Very proud of their hard work and determination!  Sophomore team member, Elizabeth Schuster, is a favorite of mine, so I asked her for some details about the tournament.  Elizabeth shared that it was such an exciting time for the team, particularly because it was their first time participating at the state level and also because of placing 7th. On a related note, this season included a win against the Curtis ladies – a first ever for the Jags against this consistently winning team.  Finishing so well this year, the girls can’t wait to see what next year brings.  Meanwhile, they are gearing up for one last game of the season – taking on the Emerald Ridge boys!

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Bradley Lake Park – Bring on the picnic!

Looking for a wonderful way to relax and unwind?  Try beautiful Bradley Lake Park, just at the base of South Hill.  This great park features walking trails, fishing for the kids, lots of green grass, picnic tables and the tranquility of the lake.  My daughter, Shannon, and I enjoyed a picnic on Mother’s Day!  This is a sweet time of year to be there – lots of little ducklings have hatched and you can see them waddling along the lake and practicing their new-found swimming skills.  Bradley Lake Park – another great reason to live in Puyallup!!

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Hooray, Downtown Puyallup Farmer’s Market has begun!

Looking for a wonderful way to spend Saturday or Sunday morning?  Try the Farmer’s Market in downtown Puyallup.   Best fresh flowers around, fruits and vegetables, too!

Pioneer Park, S Meridian & 4th Ave SW

Saturdays 9:00 to 2:00    April 14 – October 13
Sundays 10:00 to 3:00 May 27 – September 2.

If you live in downtown Puyallup, it’s an easy stroll or quick bicycle ride.  Great reason to live downtown! Other persuasive arguments are the library, restaurants and coffee places (love the new Anthem!), Pioneer Park and summertime concerts, the fairgrounds.  And downtown Puyallup is affordable. Trendgraphix reports an average sale price of $140,000 over the past few months.  Attractive pricing, indeed, so don’t wait too long to move on a property you might like to purchase; inventory is low and homes sell quickly –  8 out of 10 homes are selling and average days on market is 68.  As always, for more information about the Puyallup real estate market, please give a call, send a text or an email.



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Emerald Ridge HS – Girls’ Water Polo Team is WINNING!

Water polo – what a great sport.  And tough!!  Even tougher are the girls of Emerald Ridge High School.  The Lady Jags started their team about 10 years ago and have been slowly, steadily improving their game.  However, this year they are absolutely fantastic, having won 9 of their 11 games.  Now these talented athletes officially are bound for state! Coaches Dave McMullan and his son, James McMullan, have done a great job growing this team over the last few years, so congratulations to them for their success.  State competition games are next month – often times at Rogers High School – so stay tuned for an update. Good luck ladies, we’ll be rooting for you!

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