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Puyallup When’s the best time to sell my home? (In today’s market, the sooner the better!) Many people who are looking to sell their homes ask me this great question all the time. "When is the best time to sell my home?" And my answer? In today’s market, the sooner you can sell, the better!             In Puyallup, we are still experiencing a shortage of available homes, with only about a […]
Puyallup RISMedia – a great website for keeping up with the real estate market For great information and continued updates about the housing market, keep RISMedia on your list of best websites.  Written in a reader-friendly fashion, this site shares the most recent statistics with regard to growth and predictions.  RISMedia recently shared that after a promising year of double-digit price increases in many areas of the country, the […]
Puyallup Here’s my zip code – how much has my home appreciated? If you've never visited the DQ (Data Quick) News website, you should take time to do so!  This gem of a site develops a quarterly report that allows you to find some great data specific to your neighborhood's zip code.  It will answer questions like "how much has the median value for homes appreciated/depreciated compared […]
Real Estate Rates are in the 3’s! Have you heard?  Rates are at an all-time low again, this time in the 3's!  Attached is a chart that provides evidence of current historic rates. For buyers, this means you can buy a little more house or it may mean that you can save a few dollars if you stay at your chosen shopping […]
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